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Hotel hygiene survey offers surprising results

AN 85 wk2 keeping houseShocking news for housekeepers: a new study has suggested that more affluent travellers might be getting more than they paid for, with more expensive hotel rooms seeming even more germ-infested.

Visa rorts are affecting housekeepers

Passport Visa AustraliaIt was a certainty that a few employers would rort the 457 visa rules the moment they were introduced.    

Air conditioner safety imperative

LegionellaThe seemingly inevitable summer outbreak of Legionnaires disease is a timely reminder to accommodation providers that air conditioning units must be serviced regularly.

Beware the superbugs

Clostridium difficileA survey carried out recently by CBC Marketplace in 54 Canadian hotels across six chains has revealed that potentially deadly antibiotic-resistant superbugs, including clostridium difficile and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus were prevalent in guest rooms.    

Housekeeper's RSI - it's Your Problem

AN45-2-RSIAnyone who has suffered from repetitive strain injury will know of the constant niggling agony of the symptoms.

Raising the image of housekeeping as a career

Housekeeper copyThe Accom Management Guide, recently interviewed Marian Stratford who, in addition to a lengthy, successful career as an executive housekeeper, happens to be the president of the Professional Executive Housekeeper's Network.

Time for conciliation

Housekeeping OlympicsThe Olympics are over. The 2012 Housekeeping Olympics that is.  

Best Western's Bug War

AN40-2-MGT-HousekeepingDon't be surprised if the housekeepers look like the forensic aliens out of CSI Miami the next time you stay at a Best Western hotel in the US.

Take Complaints Seriously

AN39-3-MGT-ComplaintsWhen accommodation rates drop, so does service.

Advanced Communication Means Superior Guest Satisfaction

AN38-2-MGT-PhoneNo doubt, the way technology is moving today, there will come a time when the guest room will actually clean itself – a dream for managers and a nightmare for housekeeping staff.

Are pet guests really a problem?

AN37-3-PetsWelcomeGuests having pets in accommodation complexes was an unacceptable practice up until a couple of decades ago when a few places began thumbing their noses at local government bylaws

Gas leaks – a hazard you may not have considered

AN36 - 2 - Carbon MonoxideNow here is one from out of left field you didn't expect to have to consider!

Panic buttons no panacea but worth a look

AN34 - Panic ButtonFollowing two high profile cases of alleged sexual attacks on housekeepers in 2011,

Recycling Unused Soaps to Help Save Lives

AN33-4-Keeping House-SoapUnlimited access to tiny individually-wrapped soaps is one of the many perks of a hotel stay.

Staff Need to be on High Alert for Larceny

AN31-2-Keeping House-HackerAre all guests larcenists? Some accommodation managers would eagerly reply in the affirmative.

Housekeeping - Could you do it?

AN30-1-HousekeeperIt's no surprise to me that another survey has just recently come out that confirms that a guest's number one priority in a hotel is cleanliness.

Housekeeping Fees Will Cost You

Housekeeping_Fees1One after effect of the GFC was that travellers – holiday, corporate and VFR – are much more careful with their money. And that applies to expenditure on accommodation in particular.