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AAA Welcomes Perth Airport Expansion

AN39-1-news-perth airport expansionThe $300 million expansion of Perth Airport's international terminal will bring significant improvements to the international traveller experience, cater for a rapid increase in passenger numbers, and have a positive impact on the local Perth accommodation market.

Richard Munro, chief executive of the Accommodation Association of Australia said today that the upgrades will provide a more conducive environment for international travellers to visit Perth, and along with the WA government's proposed waterfront redevelopment, cement Perth's reputation as an international tourism destination.

"We have seen high demand and strong growth for accommodation in the past decade in Perth's CBD and its immediate surrounds, which has resulted in major hotels and serviced apartments recording high occupancy levels. The fact that Perth Airport is making such a major investment in upgrading the international airport reflects the trend of increasing passenger numbers that the Association has observed.

"Making it easier for international travellers to visit Perth will provide a welcome boost to our home-grown domestic tourism industry, which will have the added benefit of helping to boost Australia's economy as a whole."